1- What is the difference between your Bespoke Corsets and Belts?

 Our Bespoke Corsets are designed to your specific measurements, proportions, taste and style. The Belts are ready to ship items unless you want a custom piece.

2- What makes your belts so special?

Our belts are designed to make your waist looks smaller; some of them have also pre-bend metal boning to highlight your curves. 

3- Do you offer payment plans?

We accept payment plans just for our bespoke corset orders only; the first payment is always the 50% of the full payment, after the first one you can pay the rest of your order when the Corset is completed.

4- How long does it take to make a Bespoke Corset?

That really depends on where do you live, usually it takes between 6-9 weeks.

5- Can you make bespoke belts?

Yes we can! Just tell us your idea and your measurements to: innovacorsetry@gmail.com

6- What is the process for a Bespoke Corset?

a) For buying and purchasing process, it's necessary to communicate through one of the following methods:

                  - E-mail: innovacorsetry@gmail.com

                  - Facebook: www.facebook.com/innovacorsetrypr/

                  - Website: www.innovacorsetry.com

To continue the process, you must fill out the Measurement Form that is going to be provided by the designer.

b) To select the product, it is essential to choose and communicate the following characteristics.

                  - Fabric

                  - Style

                  - Color

                  - Other desired specifications

With that information we can estimate the cost of the first payment.

c) According to the information of the Measurement Form and the specifications, we will begin the creation of the pattern and mock-up.

Once you receive the mock-up, you should use it for a week (approximately) to see if the corset fits your body properly. Then it’s necessary to send a message with photos of the changes you want (if there is any). It’s important to inform the corsetier if you feel any discomfort and then return the mock-up to be able to continue to the next step.

d) When the corset is almost finished, we will notify you to make the last payment of the piece.

Once the corset is completed, it is going to be sent to the corresponding address and the shipping invoice will be sent to the customer.

7- In what currency would I be charge?

All the purchases are in US dollars.

8- Do you ship Worldwide?

Of course, we do.

9- Who should I contact if I have a retail store and I would like to sell your products?

Let us know your proposal and information via e-mail (innovacorsetry@gmail.com) and we are going to contact you.

10-Who should I contact if I have a project and I would like to use your products?

Let us know your project and information via e-mail (innovacorsetry@gmail.com) and we are going to contact you.